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I just heard about I&I Brewing last week and was excited to visit the nano brewery. I was a nano brewery virgin at this point and did not know what to expect. Kip and I had no idea that this day would become the epic 5 in 5 brewery tour when we started planning our visits for Saturday. I emailed I&I via their Contact Us link on their website late on Friday. I was hoping to get in before the they opened their doors to the public so that we may have time to talk. As luck would have it, Eric, one of the I’s in I&I, was able to meet us there at noon. We were pleasantly surprised with I&I and with what would come to be the crown jewel of the 5 in 5 brew tour.

I&I is the only brewery in Chino and is tucked away in a commercial business complex in a 900 SF unit. They opened their doors this January and due to the quality products being produced, they have already outgrown their space. They have plans to move into a new location before 2013. It will be more than twice their current size and a better location. They will be in the same business complex, just facing Edison, a major through street in Chino.

I knew a nano brewery was small, but what is considered small? I was shocked to find out exactly what nano meant. Their brew kettle is only 55 gallons! They brew 40 gallons at a time and a double batch to fill their 110 gallon fermenters with their more popular flavors like Cali Common and the Session IPA.

They have 18 taps in their tasting room with an impressive 13 beers flowing when we arrived. No fancy names just great tasting beers at reasonable prices and with $2 off growler fills on Saturdays, it’s a great price. As soon as they opened at 1:00pm, the small tasting room quickly filled up with anxious customers, growlers in hand and sampling the variety.

Recipes and brewing are Chuck’s domain the other I in I&I, while Eric mostly manages the tasting room. They bring a strong “Home Brew” creativity to their recipes. Using flavors like Wasabi-Ginger in their Saison, Pekoe Tea in a Pale Ale and even a Corned Beef and Cabbage Stout at Saint Patrick’s Day. Without a dedicated driver and more stops on the schedule I was not able to sample as much as I would like. Kip and I both purchase growlers and got out of their way so that they could do what they do best. Provide great beer to the thirsty people of Chino.

Currently the only place to get their beer is at the brewery. I highly recommend you take a trip to Chino to visit I&I Brewing and take home some growlers for yourself. You will not be disappointed. I look forward to sampling their beer again at the Brew in the L.A. Zoo and the O. C. Brew Ha Ha.

– Mike


About Mike Morse

Mike Morse, AKA, "The Godfather," is an accomplished home brewer of meads and barrel aged strong ales. His love of craft, both drinking & making, has inspired others to follow in his footsteps. He works for the County of Los Angeles and is also involved heavily in Los Angeles Ale Works.

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  1. Dan:

    Great article, Mike, and even better beer! I really enjoyed the Coconut Porter that you gave me. Keep up the great research! 😉

  2. Kip:

    This was, truly, a great find. I highly recommend going if you are a home brewer or if you just like great beer. Can’t wait to go back :)

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