Kebo – The One-Handed Bottle Opener

I recently received a very interesting bottle opener from Godfather Mike. It’s called Kebo “The One-Handed Bottle Opener”. I thought I give my two cents about it so here they are… both of them.

The packaging is very sharp and would definitely make a nice gift. Opening the metal tin reveals the Kebo and illustrated instructions. Who knew opening a bottle was so easy?

A built in magnet holds the Kebo in place when you rest it on the cap.








Now you just have to decide how to open. You can pull the trigger – like a gun OR thumb wrestle it like a hand grenade!










Next, apply some pressure and POP goes the weasel!

The Kebo holds on to the cap so it doesn’t go flying. You are left with an open beer and an undamaged bottle cap (for all of you that collect them). It’s a neat device that’s sure to impress at parties once you get the hang of it. I haven’t managed to do it gracefully yet and feel the need to brace the bottle with the other hand. Still, it’s a cool novelty and makes a great gift. If you like flash or need something that won’t bend your bottle caps, be sure to check it out. Cheers!

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