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My name is Ashley Todd, and I am the Sales Market Manager for Angel City Brewery, located on the corner of the Arts District and Little Tokyo in downtown Los Angeles. Although I have only been a professional in the craft industry for a little over 2 years, my thirst for all things beer started about 7 years ago.

My passion for craft beer began back at Florida State University in 2005 when I first tried Hoegaarden and realized that not all beer had to taste the same.  It was a living liquid artistic expression. From that day forward I made it my personal mission to explore the world of craft beer and learn as much as I could, whether it was attending beer dinners or homebrewing in my apartment.

When I moved to LA in 2009, my first job was as a bartender at a gastropub in downtown LA that offered 45 different types of craft beer. I had so much fun tasting and learning about the intricacies of each beer that the Ashley The Beer Babe blog was born, and I shared my adventures in beer with about 200 online readers. After about a year of working at the gastropub and beer blogging in my off time, I became friends with some people in the beer industry and eventually got a job as an account manager with Sam Adams.

My experiences with Sam Adams allowed me to really broaden my knowledge and love for craft beer through networking and traveling to some of the most renowned craft beer cities in the US—Portland, Chicago, Denver, and Seattle to name a few.  I got to share a few beers with some of my favorite and most admired brewers at the GABF [Great American Beer Festival] and was able to hold my own in our conversations about the craft movement—definitely a standout moment for any beer geek!

2011 was an exciting year for me. In May of 2011 I became a Certified Cicerone—one of my proudest accomplishments in my craft beer career thus far. At the end of 2011 an opportunity to join a small team starting a craft brewery in Los Angeles came my way, and I was excited to jump onboard. Angel City has been a wonderful experience for me so far, and I look forward to continuing to learn everything I can about beer while helping to build a brewery that is a strong part of the LA community.

I really enjoy the inclusive nature of the craft community in Los Angeles. I really believe that everyone can learn something from anyone else, whether you’ve been a professional brewer for years or if it’s your first time trying a craft beer. Everyone is eager to share and collaborate, and I think that’s what craft beer is all about.

I will conclude on my favorite beer quote, “Everyone has to believe in something…I believe I’ll have another beer!” –Benjamin Franklin

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  1. matt myerhoff:

    Glad to hear about Angel City’s rejuvenation! Can’t wait to go down there and drink some of the Angel City brews. Such a fantastic space too.

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