Bierkast’s New Look – June Update

Hello, everyone! Bierkast has been on the quiet side lately, mainly because we have been working on migrating the site over to WordPress to allow us more freedom and flexibility.  The site has been, for many years, an iWeb creation, but it’s very static and everything is funneled through me.  I’m hoping that with the new layout and WordPress format we will be able to increase both the number of contributors and followers.  Special thanks goes to J.J. Springer for her great web design skills and WordPress knowledge.  She has been integral in this migration process.  Thanks J.J.!

What’s on the horizon for Bierkast?

Los Angeles Ale Works – John and I have been hard at work on the Los Angeles Ale Works project, and we are getting closer to our goal.  We recently purchased around 200 kegs for our first three batches with Inland Empire Brewing.  This will allow us to have some flexibility as we wait for our kegs to return from the bars.  We have also finalized the artwork for a number of marketing items that you will be seeing soon: T-Shirts, coasters, stickers, keg tape, and our keg collars (which are the keg equivalent of a beer bottle label).  We are looking at having our commercial beer, Gams-Bart, out in August.  Stay tuned for more info on the launch parties!  Follow the LAAW!

Woman of Craft Beer – We’ll be working on getting content and coverage from the many talented women in the craft beer industry.  This will be awesome!

Guest Writers – We are looking to have some cool guest writers on here that will provide insight and advice on all things beer.  There is a very diverse pool, so let’s welcome them with open arms when they post.

Newsletter – We have a new newsletter; some of you may have seen it last month.  It will come out sporadically for now, but we are looking to make it a monthly occurrence.  Ideas are always welcome.

Cooking with Beer – We are excited to start cataloging the exploits of our many talented home brew chefs out there.  We’ll be including spent grain recipes that we both found on the web and ones we have created ourselves.  Be prepared for some awesome beer themed “Food Porn.”

Shared Brew Calendar– We are planning to add a community calendar so people can post when they will be brewing and invite others to join in the craft.  We’ll also be including local competitions and other beer-related events around LA.

More – There will be much more to come as we settle into the new format of Bierkast.  New writers, articles, ideas, members, tastings, beer dinners, brewers, beers, home brews, and events.  The Los Angeles craft beer community is still growing, so please join us in helping it along!  Brew on!



About Kristofor Barnes

Kip is the founder of Bierkast and co-founder of Los Angeles Ale Works. Picking up home brewing after college, he has since become an accomplished award winning home brewer, LA Beer Blogger, and author of the Beer Lover's Guide to Southern California. Kip is a graduate of the University of Southern California's School of Cinema Television. He lives in Inglewood, CA with his sciency wife Katie. Follow him @bierkast or #FollowTheLAAW @laaleworks

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