Beer Cocktail Time

This month’s Eagle Rock Brewery Women’s Beer Forum was held on location at Kings Row in Old Town Pasadena.  The theme was beer cocktails: beer mixed with liqueurs, liquors, fruit juice–sometimes on ice. Yes, it was insanity. Tasty, tasty insanity.

The intrepid Ting picked the beers for this flight of 4 cocktails, and the rest of the mixology was up to Brady Weise. This man is an artist whose medium is l’alcohol. Here’s what we had:

Kentucky Gimlet with Kolsch by Taps Fishhouse and Brewery

This deliciousness included bourbon, lime cordial, lime juice, and the Kolsch. The bourbon gave it a slight vanilla quality, but it was well balanced with the citrus and the light flavor of the kolsch. It was refreshing and light. It’s the kind of cocktail you need if you’re sitting outside on an adirondack chair under an umbrella. Actually, a tiny umbrella would go great in this cocktail.

Sidecar with Manifesto by Eagle Rock Brewery

I don’t know my cocktails, so a “sidecar” meant nothing to me, but this had brandy, orange liqueur, lemon juice, and of course the beer Manifesto. This was an incredibly creamy cocktail. Sometimes cocktails use egg white to achieve this level of thickness and richness, but in this case, the protein in the beer had the same effect. The oak barrel brandy gave it a hint of baking spices–cinnamon, nutmeg, etc. It was absolutely delicious.

St. Elmo’s Fire with Populist by Eagle Rock Brewery

Populist is an IPA, and so, from what I hear, is incredibly difficult to get into a cocktail. Apparently hops don’t place nice in a tumbler. To compliment the bitterness of the hops, this was blended with orange, gin, and seltzer put over ice. The overall effect was an alcohol orange soda with a little kick. Really tasty and unexpected.

Big Lebowski with Groundwork Coffee Porter by Smog City

This last drink was absolute madness–it was so damn good. Who knew that coffee porter mixed with vodka and cream could taste so wonderful? Maybe you knew that, but I didn’t. I love a good porter, and this was like a porter on crazy dessert steroids. The chocolatiness, coffiness, and creaminess came together to punch me in the face with awesomeness. Absolute perfection.

If you want to experiment with your own beer concoctions, Brady’s best piece of advice is to use the freshest ingredients possible; everything from the beer to the fruit must be fresh for the resulting drink to be its tastiest.

Get mixing!

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