A Cosmic LA Beer Fest

Last weekend, John and I had the pleasure of helping out Chris “Cosmo” Briles of Cosmic Ales, at Drink Eat Play’s Los Angeles Beer Festival.  This year, like last year, the event was held at the Paramount studios backlot.  Tons of vendors, both Brewers and Food Trucks, set up shop to service thousands of people.  We’ve both been to beer festivals before, but this was the first time we were on the other side of the tap.

As soon as the flood gates opened, thirsty people poured in by the hundreds looking for their first beer.  Cosmic Ales had a sweet spot right on a main corner.  It’s one of the first booths you see when you come in, and it was one of the first booths everyone visited.  “This is a Cosmic Ales Hellhound Brown, an American nut brown ale!” That phrase was repeated about every 30 seconds as pour upon pour upon pour upon pour was well…poured.  Hellhound Brown is a definite crowd pleaser.  It’s a crisp, clean, nutty, and refreshing American style brown ale, not quite as bitter as its English counterparts.  Those that were reluctant to try it because it was a “dark beer,” we coaxed into having a partial glass fill, and each time they were shocked to see how much they liked it.  “Fill my glass up please!” Fifteen ⅙ bbl kegs later and we were out.

The day was taxing, but incredibly fun. Like I said before, it was the first time John and I had been on the other side of the tap.  It was great practice for what John and I will inevitably be doing in the coming months when we launch our first Los Angeles Ale Works beer – Gams Bart.  Not only did we get to hang out with Chris and Angela, but we saw other industry icons like Jeremy and Ting from ERB, Inland Empire Brewing, Luke at Ventura Surf, Skip from Golden Road, and the Hollywood Blonde gang.  Thank you again Chris and Angela for having us at your Cosmic Ales booth.  The brown ale is legitimately awesome, and we had a great time serving with you.  We’ll be looking forward to the next event with you and the next LA Beer Fest!


–Kip B.
Los Angeles Ale Works™
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P.S.  If you haven’t had Cosmic Ales Hell Hound Brown yet, be sure to keep you eyes out.  Chris is brewing up another batch that should make its way out to West LA, Downtown, and Corona bars as well as upper echelon markets such as Whole Foods and Bristol Farms soon.  We’ll also be interviewing Chris in a follow-up article in the coming weeks, so be sure to stay tuned for that.

P.P.S.  Check out Cosmo Chris & Cosmic Ales on the Bierbuzz podcast featuring LA Beer Fest here (09:10)

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