Beer and deviled eggs

Last week’s Eagle Rock Brewery Women’s Beer Forum (ERBWBF?) was the first anniversary of the event. For this momentous occasion, they pulled out the big guns: food and Jessica Christensen.

All we ladies crammed into the brewhouse to taste 6 beers and pair them with a wide range of flavors.

The beers:
Solidarity, Eagle Rock Brewery
Manifesto, Eagle Rock Brewery
Seizoen Bretta, Logsdon Farmhouse Ales
Revolution, Eagle Rock BreweryRayon Vert, Green Flash Brewery
Red Velvet, Eagle Rock Brewery

The foods:
Brioche bread with salted butter
Deviled eggs (ahh! so good!)
Parmesan cheese shavings
Caperberries (which I’d never heard of but loved)
Roasted tomatoes with garlic
Pulled pork
Seared ahi tuna
Curry cauliflower
Pickled onions

et bell peppers
Sea salt
Smokey salt

For each beer, we were given suggestions about food pairings, but my forum-going friend Dana and I were rogue beer-food-pairers, trying everything with everything. We tried each beer with the sweet, the salty, the spicy, the pickled-y. Every bite was an experience.

Jessica’s most memorable pairing suggestion was to have Solidarity with the roasted, garlicky tomato–that it created a sort of Bloody Mary type of experience, with the salt and garlic mixing with the wheat-iness of the beer. Try it!

If you’re a beer-loving lady, stop by the next Women’s Forum. You’ll learn a lot and meet some cool beer women folk. But remember to RSVP.

These are getting popular (and crowded)!


–Katie M.
Special Contributing Brewer
Women’s Beer Correspondent
Awesome Science Writer

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