The Taste: Burgers and Beer

When City Tavern’s Chef de Cuisine, Jessica Christensen, invited us to go to Burgers and Beer as guests of City Tavern, the answer was easy–yes. We knew two things: there would be beer, and there would be burgers. We were visualizing the sort of beer/food festival we’ve been to many times before, but we had no idea what magic was in store for us.

The first sign that we weren’t in Kansas any more was the red carpet and VIP check-in booth. Oh. This is for real. We waited around and watched Kathy Griffin, Debi Mazar, and Claire Robinson (from Food Network’s Five Ingredient Fix) make their way down the media gauntlet. Finally, we entered the event space, got a tasting glass, and found the first booth in the giant tented space: City Tavern with Eagle Rock Brewery.
We said hi to the very busy booth-runners, Ting from Eagle Rock, and Dave, Jeremy, and Jessica from City Tavern. We tasted the CT and Brew burgers and had some Revolution and Solidarity. The burgers were of course amazing from top to bottom—an expertly crafted arrangement that melts in your mouth. Eagle Rock Revolution delivered as usual: crisp, hoppy, refreshing. All around yum.

We made our way around the event, avoiding the wine tastings (let’s not mix alcohols), and sampling sliders and tasting beer from Crafstman, Brouwerij West, and Taps, to name a few. The Crafstman brews stand out the best in my memory: the Fireworks Saison and the sour beer, Sour Grapes. I tend to go for tart and refreshing beers, so these were right up my alley. I could drink them forever.

After far too many burgers and nearly too many beers, we took the opportunity to mingle with the celebrity crowd. I got pictures with Giada de L

aurentiis and Kathy Griffin, and Kip met the Beer Chicks.

At the end of the evening, we said adieu to the folks at City Tavern, and got our chance to step on the red carpet on the way out. I may have been a bit overzealous as I posed for the picture.

A cab ride home later, Kip and I reflected on the great event that was the LA Times Taste: Burgers and Brew. Tasty, fun, fantastic. Thanks again, Jessica!

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