Beer, Brett, and Baseball 2011 #1

Help us welcome the esteemed writer and photo journalist Brett Padelford, our newest Bierkast member!

Four years ago, my high school friend Josh and I had the idea for an epic yet simple summer road trip: go to one minor league baseball game each day for two weeks in as many different states (and countries!) as possible. Since then, we’ve driven over 8,500 miles, visited 31 states, and hit 37 games. Now, it’s time for trip #5: Mexico to Canada through the Midwest for 12 games from July 12 – 23. This journey, however, will be way better than all the previous ones ‘cause we’re combining two things dear to every man’s heart: beer and baseball.

During the previous trips, Josh and I stopped at breweries if there happened to be one on the road between games: Samuel Adams in Boston, Budweiser in St. Louis, Miller and Sprecher in Milwaukee. When I told John Rockwell about these side trips, he was totally jealous.  Which gave me the idea: let’s plan MORE breweries on this trip and blog about it on Bierkast! It would make John even more envious, give Kip some material for his website, and, hopefully, help us get a couple comped tours and some free beer.

Here’s the plan. Along with our usual schedule of baseball games, we’re visiting Spoetzl in Shiner, Texas, Lexington Brewing in Kentucky, Great Lakes in Cleveland, Steam Whistle in Toronto, and Flying Bison in Buffalo. We’ll also try to visit any brew pubs we can get to but when you’re driving 3,000 miles, that’s not always easy (or safe). Please follow along here on Bierkast and – for minute-by-minute minutiae – my Twitter account (@b_pad).

Also, we have the special honor of throwing out the first pitch in Lexington, Kentucky at the Legends game. Two years ago, we had the same honor in Iowa.  I threw a bit high but over the plate and the catcher gloved it.  Josh then stepped on the mound, lined up the pitch, and bounced it to the backstop. The crowd booed, I gave him crap, and he drank his sorrows away. This year, we’ll see if Josh goes 0-2 or karma gets me back.

Stay tuned here on Bierkast and find out. Oh, and I’ll also fill you in on how the whole brewery thing goes.

Brett P.

About Brett Padelford

Brett Padelford majored in English from USC and is currently the resident Bierkast photojournalist. He works with the USC Spirit of Troy as the social media manager and also writes about the local indie music scene. He enjoys beer, but isn't a snob and loves a good cigar.

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