Bierkast-ing With Cosmic Ales

Hi everyone, here’s a roundup of what Bierkast and LA Ale Works has been up to lately.

LA Aleworks met with Chris Briles from Cosmic Ales at Biergarten in Koreatown to discuss strategies for working together as we build our two breweries. Cosmic Ales is farther along than us, they have a California brown ale already in circulation at many bars throughout LA and Orange county. They plan to have a Kolsch added to the line up this summer. We are exploring ideas ranging from cross promoting brands, contract brewing, and collaborative food/beer events.

Bierkast has just bottled and kegged our annual Scotch Ale that is traditionally consumed up in Sequoia National Park. This years brew is closely related to a scottish 120 brewed with traditional techniques and ingredients including: extra large yeast starter, minimal wort aeration prior to pitching, and slow cool fermentation. We added a  twist by aging the beer on a bed of scotch whisky soaked oak cubes.

LA Aleworks is in discussion with a local contract brewer to brew our first commercial batch. In parallel to that, we are making final tweeks to our first recipe, applying for proper permits and licensing, and building brand awareness throughout the craft beer community with free samples.

Bierkast is waiting for the competition results from the California State Fair for a number of our beers. While we wait, we are preparing beers for upcoming competitions like the Inland Empire Brewing Co. Pro-AM, Ventura County Fair, and the Pacific Brewers Cup.

To conclude this roundup, a couple weeks ago Matt and I finished our week by grabbing food and drinks at Beer Belly in Koreatown (Bierkast’s first visit is detailed in the previous post). Wow it was crowded! As always the beer and food was great. A welcomed surprise came when Bierkast’s friend Shail (from dropped by with a Goose Island Burbon County Coffee Imperial Stout. Many thanks for his generosity with that bottle share – great beer! Double surprise of the night was our new friend Bill Shmeinke dropping by with some serious Uinta bombers – thanks Bill!

– John R.
Los Angeles Ale Works™
Specialist Beer Judge

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