Announcing “Los Angeles Ale Works”

John and I have decided to announce our future brewery by launching a new website.  Our Brewery is Los Angeles Ale Works and the website is  We’ve gotten a lot done in the past 3 months since it’s founding, but we still have a lot more to do.  We’ll start posting our business happenings on the LA Ale Works site soon so you can all follow along.  If you have a chance head over to our facebook page and like it for us.  If we can get 25 likes we wont have to have that annoying number after our name in the URL.

One more thing.  We have another contest up on Bierkast.  All you have to do is write a mini beer review and post it on facebook.  If you don’t have facebook you can use the “contact us” form to send us your review.  More information and details are on the Contest page.  The prize is Tasting Beer by Randy Mosher!


Los Angeles Aleworks

Facebook: /losangelesaleworks

Twitter: @laaleworks

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