Recently we had the good fortune to take a mini-road trip with our friend, Shail from, and meet up with Chris Briles, the owner of Cosmic Ales. Chris was hosting an all day Brew-BQ event at his house in Corona, CA.

A little background on Cosmic Ales, they are a new microbrewery out of Corona that came on scene last fall. They have a unique, eye catching logo sporting a copper fermentor style space ship – very cool! Currently, Cosmic Ales has one beer  in commercial circulation, Hell Hound Brown, an amazing full bodied and well-rounded brown ale.  At the Brew-BQ, Chris had a couple future potential Cosmic Ale beers on tap; a robust kolsch and a Scottish wee heavy. Both were delicious and played off each other well; the kolsch, delicate and fruity while the wee heavy was robust and malty.  Neither us nor Shail showed up empty handed though; we all got to share a Bierkast Rusty Rocket Rye IPA and a Russian River Sanctification.

We arrived at Chris’s house mid-morning and were able to spend a good amount time talking to him about his brew set-up and his business before the BBQ portion of the event went into full swing. Chris was very open to questions about the business and seemed eager to share both his brewing and small business start-up knowledge. As with most small businesses, the road he took to get Cosmic Ales where it currently is was long, had its ups and

downs, but it really sounded like Chris was loving what he was doing and the passion in his voice was unmistakable. Thanks Chris! We look forward to bugging him with more questions in the future.

Throughout the day we met some great people including Chris’ girlfriend Angela, and her lovely daughter. We also spent some time with Dhruv, a member of the Bar Food team. Bar Food, for anyone that hasn’t heard of it or been there, is an amazing (from what Kip tells me) new gastropub located on the west side with a very above average beer selection – after all, they do have Cosmic Ales on tap!

We were not able to stay for the entire brew day but we did stay long enough to make some great friends and really see the magic that makes Cosmic Ales special. We know great things are ahead for Chris and his team (two awesome dogs).

The Bruery

Since we were down south, the group decided to head to the Bruery for a quick pit stop. It was my first trip down there in several months and I came away very impressed. Cosmic Ales is a brewery in its infancy, while The Bruery is becoming a mature brew house. They have been open several years and are enjoying tremendous popularity within the local and national micro beer community – and it shows. Brewing operations have expanded with a multitude of additional tanks, floor to ceiling oak barrels, and a wall of kegs. We tried a handful of their beers including some notables like three Saison de Lente’s (2011 verison, 2010 verison, and a no-brett verison), Old Richmond (Barleywine), and Loakal Red (oak aged american red ale). Good Stuff!!!



P.S. John Rockwell is now an officially Recognized BJCP Beer Judge.  So Congratulations


About John Rockwell

John Rockwell is a co-founder of LA Ale Works and contributing writer to Bierkast. He has been home brewing for over seven years and is a certified BJCP judge, "Bring me your beer!".

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