In honor of “Teach a Friend How to Homebrew Day” (which was in November) John and I are going to work with my newly-brewing coworker to craft the next beer for our office’s monthly happy hour.  Shockingly, this JAMA brew is not named after a color.  The next happy hour brew will be Arrogant Ted, so named after a well known San Diego inspiration.  Choosing this beer was a sharp departure from the previous batches of innocuous office happy hour beer: Amber, Brown, and Red.  Will this 7.2% ABV American Strong Ale be too much for the office?  Will the complex malt flavor and alcoholic warmth turn up some noses?  Will 80 IBUs get Ted fired?

Who cares?  We’ve grown tired of pandering to the happy hour masses; it’s time to serve the happy hour masters!

Our recipe was modeled closely after an Arrogant Bastard clone we found on the web.  The web recipe was paired with a convincing, photo-supplemented comparison to the real thing.  Modifications to the web recipe include implementation of a three step mini-mash and a substitution of extract with 0.5 lbs

of cane sugar to increase apparent attenuation.

Yes, we are still battling attenuation problems at my brewhouse (BOOM).  The mini-mash includes a protein

rest to squeeze out all matters of fermentables.  The sugar addition is a cheap, “clutching at straws” effort to dry this puppy out.  We’re desperate!  There’s a pool going to guess the apparent degree of fermentation, all optimistically above 72%.

Whether it was the super mini-mash or an underestimation of the gravity points attributed by DME or sugar, we overshot our original gravity by 7 points.  With an OG of 1.079, we didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.  Serving this beer for an office full of engineers will be truly Arrogant, so the name is justified.  Hopefully, with three packs of Kip’s all-time favorite yeast American Ale II, we can get this beer down to at least 1.021 and 7.6% alcohol.  The carboy has been working hard in its first day with an immeasurable stream of bubbles through the blow-off tube, so things are looking good.

Our fermentation schedule is a two week primary and a three week secondary.  After bottling, the beer will be carbonated just in time for March happy hour.  Beware, coworkers, the Arrogant Ted commeth!

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