Bierkast visited Fremont Brewing Company recently and found out first hand just why their motto is “Because Beer Matters” – It’s Delicious!

If ever you travel to the rainy Emerald City make sure you stop by Fremont Brewing Company.  Located in the industrial area of the hipster-ish Fremont district of North – Seattle, Fremont Brewing Company brews impressive beers while being as environmentally friendly as possible.  (Make sure you have your eyes open for a big blue building because it’s easy to miss the sign.) By donating spent grain to an energy company next door, they are able to turn the barley into energy that fuels their operations.  Fremont Brewing also donates their grain to farms, and an associate of the brewery,@SeattleBeerGirl, uses the material to create dog treats, all proceeds of which go to a local animal shelter, PAWS. It’s quite clear that they not only care about brewing, but are determined to give back to their community.

More on their view on sustainability here –http://www.fremontbrewing.com/48/sustainability.html

Upon entering, you are transporting directly into the factory.  It’s these sorts of breweries that really bring people into the whole process…you drink in the tasting area which they have appropriately named “The Urban Beer Garden.”  Fremont Brewing kegs support benches that surround a long German-style beer hall table.  The walls are colorfully painted and sport paintings by local artists, and there were even hipsters in the Brewery!  The Urban Beer Garden sits right next to the fermentors, boilers, and the rest of the equipment, so you really feel like you are part of the action.  For those of you in LA, think of The Bruery, and you‘ll know what I mean…or better yet, think of Eagle Rock Brewery without the wall between the brewery and Tasting Room.  Get it? Got it? Now Drink it!

Speaking of Drinking it – On to the Beer itself! Fremont Brewing Company has an impressive line up.  Try their “Interurban IPA” if you’re a hop head.  I especially liked the complexity of this one.  As I was tasting I wrote notes like “Cascade beat down that leaves you wanting to get beat again and again,” “Tingling citrus Evergreen”, “Incredible Floral Nose”, and even “Cherry & Strawberry.”  There was so much going on in this beer; it was exciting.  And that’s why drinking here was so much fun.  If you are into Saisons, as my wife and I are, try their “Lamb,” for Lambic, Saison.  A very sessionable farmhouse.  My dad enjoyed the Dark Star Imperial Oatmeal Stout, and my mom enjoyed their experimental Apricot-Peppercorn IPA.  Each beer was a delight.  Fremont Brewing not only introduces incredibly drinkable representations of their respective beer styles, but also creates an  experience that keeps people wanting to come back for more.  Complex for those looking into the beer and sessionable for those wanting to just sit back and enjoy, their beers please all. It’s really a shame that we live so far away, as this would be a definite place to haunt, but then again it’ll make it that much more special each time we go back to visit.

Morals of this Story –

– Go to Fremont Brewing Company

– Make your Brewery/Business Sustainable – It makes sense and it makes everyone happy.

A few Shout outs!

@FremontBrewing for making real beer!

Casey, from Fremont Brewing, was the Man behind the bar.  He was the one giving Bierkast the inside scoop/pour on all the beers.  I wanted to give a shout out to him.  He suggested a place around the corner called Theo’s Chocolates that specialized in making Fair-Trade-Organic chocolate…of every conceivable flavor.   Thanks!


I would also like to give a shout out to@SeattleBeerGirl who suggested Fremont Brewing in the first place.  Thanks! Go support the cause and buy her home-made dog treats!

Brew On!

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– Kip

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