Hello Everyone out there! Is it just me or does the exclamation point “!” in this font look like an “I” ? Oh well.  So what’s going on in beer world for all of you?  For us it’s busy and crazy.  Holiday Prep + Normal-Everyday-Work + Everyday Life + Brewing = Dead.  Still, there is nothing wrong with Zombie Brewing.

We are going to try something more regimented for a little while.  Postings will be on every Wednesday (Starting Next Wednesday).  I’m going to shoot for the beginning – middle of the day, but it will definitely be before EOD each Wednesday.  Hopefully this will give people something to look forward every week :o)  John and I are also entertaining the idea of starting a beer tasting panel.  This would probably entail several regular tasters along with a few guests per session.  The focus would be on craft/micro breweries.  Check out our facebook discussion page if you are interested in participating.

I’m still working on Chimney Sweeper 2010.  I have a label created and I’ll post that after everyone has seen it on the bottle.  Katie and I will be bottling it on Saturday as this last weekend didn’t work out.  I was busy getting new equipment.  Check it out, the brew house has been upgraded!

Matt is also still working on his Station Fire CDA.  He dry hopped it with 2oz of “pungent American Hops,” I think we will bottling it pretty soon.  I think we are all excited about this one. CDA’s are a semi-new style and have become pretty popular recently.

The USC vs ucla game was this last weekend.  John and Matt brought a keg to the tailgate and it was a big hit.  I’ll put some pictures in the Fotoz section.  There will also be some pictures in this post.

Both Matt & John also had something to say about the game and the bRuinslayer.

“bRuinslayer worked.  Killer compact keg glove and ice pack served up wicked awesome bruin dominating goodness all day.” – Matt

Brevity is the soul of wit. 

And now John, 

Sweet victory! A successful keg emptying and a successful cross town football beat down!

To recap, the keg of bRuinslayer carbonated for 4 days (Tues. to Sat.). It was kept it at roughly 28 psi and received some good shakes, especially early on to dissolve the CO2 in the beer. This gave us plenty of carbonation on game day, would have liked a little less but everyone was entertained by the ‘4 fingers’ head on the beer. A nice benefit of using all those hops in the recipe was very tasty foam!

This tailgate marked the first use of 1) thekeglove, essentially a keg wet suit, and 2) a portable CO2 gun.

Thumbs Up: They all made for very light travel and a compact footprint.

Thumbs Down: The CO2 did not work as advertised and we ended up using all three CO2 cartridges over the course of the day (supposed to be 1 per keg), but it was probably be due to my connections and a gas leak.

Looking ahead, we are going to brew a New Year’s Eve party beer on Saturday. We are finalizing the recipe which will be a toned down partial mash version of the widely acclaimed Daxicle (Belgian Strong Ale) that Kip brewed for a work party about a year ago.  The original version was 9% abv, we aim to have this version come in around 7%.

Cheers!  – John

I think that’s all for this weeks post.  Sorry this one came late.  We will be aiming for posting the next bierkast entry next Wednesday.  See you then!

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John Rockwell is a co-founder of LA Ale Works and contributing writer to Bierkast. He has been home brewing for over seven years and is a certified BJCP judge, "Bring me your beer!".

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