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And now a message from John Rockwell.  Please welcome him with open arms as this is his first of hopefully many posts on

Brewed the first beer last night that will utilize temperature controlled fermentation! Courtesy of the new kegerator and a Johnson Controls external thermostat. We selected a Scottish Heavey 70/- for two reasons: 1) previously unable to do it because it requires fermentation temps on the moderately low side, and 2) low alcohol makes it accessible and easy to drink, very session-able for serving from the keg.

We brewed this at Classical Fingers’s place, it was a partial mash recipe with a OG of 1039 and a projected FG of 1013.  Very unusual for us to brew a beer with a starting gravity under 1040, it was different to be mashing only 3lbs of grain and using one one 3lb extract tub. The brewing session went very smoothly with no notable hiccups or usual occurrences except we lost a little blue cap to the carboy topper – it vanished during cleaning and is now referred to as the “little blue bastard”.

After successfully pitching the yeast into the carboy it was taken across downtown to its new home with the kegerator for fermentation.  It’s fermenting currently at 65F, we’ll check back in 4 days and see how it is progressing.

And then John updated everyone the next day:

Two photos from 11pm last night – just in the kegerator

Two photos from this morning – all night at 64F set temp with a +/-3


Temperature was at 62 when I got up, so I raised the set temp. to 65.

Kip, we hit our gravity pretty much right on – 1039.

-John Rockwell

I was not able to attend this Brew session unfortunately, but all the same I’m glad it went well.  With the addition of this batch our group has a total of 25 fermenting gallons.  WOW.

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John Rockwell is a co-founder of LA Ale Works and contributing writer to Bierkast. He has been home brewing for over seven years and is a certified BJCP judge, "Bring me your beer!".

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