Nostalgia 101: Chimney Sweeper 2010

Chimney Sweeper 2010 is shaping up to be a dirty, old, soot-covered bastard…Just like he should be.  He’s wearing a 1 lb christmas coat of Carafa III, is full of gas, and is drunk on Link-to-the-Past christmas potion…and moon wine.   When little Timmy gets up in the morning to see if there are presents under the tree he’ll be shocked to see the ol’ codger Methuselah puking in the corner on his shiny red fire engine.

That was a colorful way of saying that I accidentally added to much carafa to the batch.  One ounce?  One pound?  Whats the difference?  An opaque, coffee, opaque, black, portable hole -that’s what.  I’m sure it’s going to be awesome though.  That’ being said, we are going to rebrew this batch with the correct proportions.  We’ll also be re-pitching the yeast because it’s essentially the same.  In the end we’ll have to great holiday abbey ales with slightly different grain profiles.  Sounds awesome if you ask me.  I lost about 1 gallon of wort + yeast during primary too so this is yet another reason to rebrew and make more.

I spent a bunch of time going to the various Middle-Eastern, Indian, and Asian markets around my neighborhood looking for the spices to make this potion from Mosher’s book.  Some of them were easy to find and some of them are next to impossible.  Has anyone ever heard of Cassia Buds?  I knew that cassia was a form or doppelganger of the cinnamon tree, but I didn’t realize the buds were used too.  Suffice it to say, they are absent from Los Angeles.  Apparently the demand for this spice is not high enough to import large quantities into the US.  I was able to find it online and I should be set in a little less than a week.

Also on the agenda is a Black IPA and California Common.  These, also, will be brewed this weekend.  Big weekend for beer…I’m already exhausted, but luckily the excitement is feeding me energy so it all evens out.  That’s it for this week’s post.  Happy Brewing and Drinking!

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