Nostalgia 101: 1st Saison – TRB Summer Saison

We (Matt, John, and I) started another brew on Sunday July 5th.  We chose a Saison (French for Season), a summer pale ale traditionally brewed in farmhouses of the French speaking are of Belgium (  I had one of these Ale’s at Bottle Rock a couple days ago and shared a special bottle with Katie a day later.  They are awesome.  Ours is spiced with bitter orange peel, belgian candi sugar, and coriander.  I’m really excited about this one as it’s my second All-Grain beer and it met the gravity requirement perfectly this time.  This morning it was furiously fermenting well on it’s way to exploding in my closet.  This was the first All-Grain brew that Matt, John, and I have done together.  We started at 12 and ended at around 6.  Marathon Day.

TRB Summer Saison

Grains – Pilsen Malt, Dark/Light Munich, Caravienne, and Caramunich

Yeast – Wyeast Bel Saison

Hops – Challenger, Saaz, Styrian Golding

Spice – Coriander & Biter Orange Peel

OG – 1.058        PA – 7.5%

Fermentation: Bubbling like crazy

Status Updates:

Blonde – Bottled 6 days / 8 days to go

Amber – Primary Fermenter 9 days / 1-2 days to go. No bubbles.

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