Nostalgia 101: First Ever Bierkast Article

Tonight I dine on turtle soup! Well…not actually, but I am going to try my hand at making beer.  I’ve been reading a ton about the subject and now it’s time to see if I have what it takes to do it.  The Brew kit is from Homebrewer’s Outpost and the Beer is a Blond Ale.  It should be a simple extract mix, but I’m going to have to fudge the fermentation a bit as my apartment (80 degrees) is a bit above the ideal yeast temp (60-70 degrees).  As John Rockwell said…Rock the towel tip…and so I am.  Soaking a towel in water and wrapping it around the fermentation bucket to keep the temp down.  “Watch your Fingers!” I mean “Cross your Fingers!”

Here are some Vids outline the process.

Grains, Extract, Hops, Boil, Shake, Cool, Ferment. Finished at 10:18 PM

Gravity: 1.052  Potential Alc. 6.8%

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