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Total Acid(ity) Trip

Continuing with coverage from the 2015 LA Beer Blogger pilgrimage to Firestone Walker, we travelled to Barrelworks and attended a sensory analysis panel with food grade acid! #LA2FW3 Barrelworking Sour beers are complicated and definitely worth fussing over. The ecosystem […] 

From the Barrel

There are two events that I especially look forward to during the year. One is the Firestone Walker Invitational Beer Fest, coming up on May 30th, and the other is the annual LA Beer Blogger (LABB) pilgrimage to Firestone Walker. […] 

The Almighty Kumquat

Chances are, if you’re a home brewer, you have a particular style and ingredient you enjoy most. For me, it’s the saison and a sour citrus fruit that I didn’t truly discover until I read Randy Mosher’s Radical Brewing. In his […] 

5 Beers I’m Glad Exist

Recently, a friend on facebook reposted the Logan Thompson’s 2014 article “The Top 5 Beers in The World”, which, if you haven’t read it yet, is worth a read prior to reading this. I remember reading his post last year and thinking, […] 

Brews as a Text: The System of Cultural Exchange in Beer Culture

Lately I’ve been kicking around some heavy thoughts about beer and it’s importance to human civilization. Admittedly I have been absent from Bierkast for many months, struggling through a sea of researching, editing, and writing a Master’s Thesis in History […] 

Phantom Carriage

Climb aboard On March 7th, LA’s first all wild brewery opened its doors, Phantom Carriage.  Angelenos are notoriously late to everything, unless it comes to beer.  Even arriving early 11:45 wasn’t enough to beat the line that had formed in […] 

Craft Beer

Here you’ll find everything Craft Beer. Brewery tours, beer pairing dinners, beer bars, events, and beer travels can all be found here.

  • Concerning Beer Kitsch

    *Please join us in welcoming our newest Bierkast writer, Røark Adeline! Røark manages social media for Craft and Folk Art Museum. His background lies heavily in continental […] 

  • The ABC’s of Homebrew

    Homebrew Legalities It’s widely known that homebrewing can be incredibly rewarding, entertaining, and a creative outlet for self-expression.  The same goes for sharing that home […] 

Home Brew

News from the land of Home Brewing! Beers, Clubs, and Adventure!

  • The Almighty Kumquat

    Chances are, if you’re a home brewer, you have a particular style and ingredient you enjoy most. For me, it’s the saison and a sour citrus […] 

  • Ss Brew Tech – 7g Chronical

    Ss Brew Tech continues to impress me with the equipment they release.  I was incredibly excited to ferment my first stainless beer in a brew […] 

Follow the LAAW

Join John and Kip as they jump through the many hoops on the road to opening their brewery, Los Angeles Ale Works.

  • The LAAW of Shu (Japanese Sake)

    The Los Angeles Ale Works Sake/Nihon-Shu Project One of the greatest parts about home brewing is being able to experiment with drinks of any shape, […] 

  • Follow The LAAW: Buttress of Windsor

    Our Philosophy The Los Angeles Ale Works brand is a living animal, an intentional point in our business plan. With the amazing help of our […] 

LA Beer Bloggers

Here you’ll find the latest news and events going on for LA Beer Bloggers and beyond.

  • Firestone Walker Beer Blogger Trip

    Rough Cuts & Remixes It’s been a year since our last trip together with Firestone Walker.  Last year we focused on barrels, how they affect […] 

  • LABB Camp Kern

    Camping near Kern River Brewing Co Easter weekend marked the 1st LA Beer Bloggers Camping Trip – Destination Kern River and Kern River Brewing Co. […] 

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